Substance: Testosterone Undecanoate

    Country: Czech republic

    Form: 40mg/per tab

    Amount: 60 Tabs per bottle

    Recommended Dosage: 300mg/week

    Description: Undestor, is a unique version of testosterone undecanoate developed by Organon. This version of testosterone is based in oil and is sealed in a capsule to be taken orally. According to the manufacturer, this method bypasses the liver and enters the body as a fat through the lymphatic system. In theory this seems quite interesting, however, athletes find Organon's claims don't hold up well. In doses of less than 240mg per day effects are generally non-existent. With higher doses, effects are small at best. This leads one to think most of the steroid is not making it to circulation. Generally, steroid users experienced with any strong anabolics will be disappointed with Andriol's results. Combined with other anabolics it may lend some effectiveness but should be questioned.

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